Nov 102008

Ian has managed to get one of his video clips published on the BBC Autumnwatch web site! The link below should take you to the page and Ian’s video (Otter on Mull) is the third one on the page:

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Aug 072008

Here is also a picture of what I think is a baby lizard that I saw at Cliff Pools open day.Each lizard measured about 7cm so they were very small. And I was very pleased when they finally came out to sunbathe in front of me so I took the opportunity to get some photos.Sam

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Aug 072008
Great Green Bush Cricket!!

I had gone to stay at my nan and granddad's for the week during the holidays. Next to their house is a huge field which belongs to the local school, the school may not know it, but they share it with the hundreds of insects that inhabit it long, grassy, brambly borders.So I went to […]

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Jul 272008
Lestes dryas

After the Higham Bight clean up some of us stayed at Northward Hill RSPB reserve for a while. Julie and Chris visited one of the ditches and found the scarce emerald damselfly. This is THE special damselfly of the north Kent marshes. It is very similar to the common emerald but can be distinguished by […]

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Jul 272008
Clean-up Crew

  On Saturday members of the group, local residents and people from as far as Sittingbourne cleared rubbish from the shore of the Thames at Higham Bight just east of Gravesend. The shoreline of this bay is owned by the RSPB and forms part of the complex of RSPB reserves in north Kent. Higham Bight […]

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Jul 252008
FW: Raft spider?

  At Thursley Sam found a small spider on one of the bog runnels. It looked at home and stayed on the water for at least 30 minutes. Other raft spiders found on the day were much bigger. Does Sam’s photograph show a young raft spider or another species just enjoying a swim! It was […]

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