Jan 242008

Steve went to RSPB Elmley reserve on a guided fact finding tour on our behalf. Alan Johnson, RSPB North Kent Marshes area manager, was leading the walk and providing the latest reserve information for the benefit of local groups. Steve said it was hard work but made slightly easier by brilliant views of peregrine, marsh harrier, […]

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Jan 242008
Falcated Duck

I don’t really want to get involved in this. Allegedly this is a falcated duck but after my recent efforts with kingfishers I will let you decide. Its a very smart duck though. It turned up just outside Gravesend and Julie sent me this brilliant photo. I say no more. Argue amongst yourselves! John – […]

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Jan 202008
Caught in the Act!

Now you know who it is that leaves a pile of feathers on the lawn. Poor old collared dove! On Wednesday at the Cliffe Pools RSPB reserve consultation meeting a chap walked in and showed me a series a brilliant photographs of this sparrowhawk. I said that I liked them and he went home and […]

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Jan 062008
Shellness NNR meeting

About 20 hardy souls braved the cold on a gloriously sunny day looking for waders and raptors. Here we all are sheltering out of the chilly wind watching a large flock of Knot and another of Oystercatchers, all roosting on the beach waiting for the tide to go out. Well done Malcolm for spotting a Purple Sandpiper […]

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Jan 022008
It wasn’t me Guv – honest!

Paul is having a well earned break from removing tree guards from young oak trees. Two members of this work group remember collecting acorns from the existing wood and growing them on in pots. The oak whips were planted out about 10 years ago. The oak and bramble scrub is now full of breeding whitethroats in […]

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Jan 012008
Christmas Working Group

On the Friday after Christmas volunteers from the Gravesend Group met at Northward Hill reserve to work off the Christmas excesses by removing wire and plastic tree guards from some oaks that we had planted about 10 years ago. The new woodland area is just below the woodland that contains the Northward Hill heronry. The […]

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