Aug 072008

I had gone to stay at my nan and granddad's for the week during the
holidays. Next to their house is a huge field which belongs to the local
school, the school may not know it, but they share it with the hundreds
of insects that inhabit it long, grassy, brambly borders.So I went to
have a look to see what I could find. After a full hour of intense
searching I found what I've wanted to see for ages, a Great Green Bush
Cricket. I had followed its loud call everywhere, even through the
bramble! OUCH! And then there it was, perched on a long blade of grass
before my very eyes, I wasn't even expecting a great green I was
expecting a dark bush cricket or a roesels, but to find a great green
was absolutely amazing. It was well worth the time I spent looking for
it, you cannot mistake a Great Green Bush Cricket. This female measuring
just under 10cm (including wing span) is the largest bush-cricket in
North Europe and one of the largest in Europe and it is what its name
suggest green and great.
I will certainly remember this find for a long time,