Dec 212010

The Sunday Times recently ran some articles on the possibility of situating a future airport in the Thames estuary either on “Boris Island” or on the Hoo peninsula.  The Gravesend Group took part in the successful “No airport at Cliffe” campaign some year ago (2002).

Therefore we took up the issue with the RSPB as North Kent is one of the most important parts of the region for wildlife. We have been told that neither the RSPB’s position nor their attitude to any plans of this naturehave changed and they remain utterly opposed to such developments as do KCC and local councils. Their view is that these are no more than speculative policies that have no more weight than previous ideas that have been bandied about by Boris Johnson. The RSPB’s approach is that there is a fine line to be drawn between reacting strongly against such plans and giving credence/publicity to a non-starter by doing so. Consequently they responded to the Times article and undertook interviews with Radio Kent condemning the plans.It is to be hoped that David Cameron’s response to a Parliamentary Question, put by the local Medway MP,that there were no plans to build any new airports in Kent has put an end to further speculation.

Jeff Kirk

 Posted by on 21 December 2010 at 10:42 am