Jan 092011

Welcome to 2011!

Having not achieved 200 species in 2010 I am now more determined to reach that target this year. So house sparrows, blackbirds ,collard doves and magpies all count at present . So I am on my way!

Happy birding


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  1. Congratulations Jeff – you have seen a new species of bird! That’s worth 10 points at least.

    • Well there you are – it pays to keep your eyes open. Who knows what will turn up – a purple dove?


  2. We had a new species to the garden the other day. We have watched the garden and listed all species for 33 years. Can you guess what the bird was? Perhaps a low flyover from the increasing number of red kites in Kent – no. Perhaps a lesser spotted woodpecker – I wish. Or a waxwing perhaps. By the way the RSPB have just announced that it has been a good winter of waxwings. Funny that as I had assumed that the birds were starving and had been forced to our shores because of the bad weather on the continent and further north. Many would have died trying to cross the North Sea. Perhaps the RSPB should have said good for birdwatchers wanting to see waxwings. Sadly I have not seen a waxwing anywhere although that is mainly due to the fact that Sally and I get all of our groceries delivered by Waitrose (Ocado) and we do not visit petrol stations or , especially, DIY stores. OK you can’t guess. A feral pigeon.