Sep 162011

The John Woodward Memorial Bench

Earlier today a number of us assembled at Northward Hill on the marshland trail to install the John Woodward Memorial Bench.   John was a volunteer on the “Friday Team” for some twenty years employed on heavy manual work.

The gathering consisted of twelve volunteers including some old timers from the original Friday team, plus a staff member and two residential volunteers.

The beautiful solid oak bench was positioned on the marshland trail near the old black barn.   Three deep holes were dug in very hard dry ground.   It required ten strong burly men to manhandle the heavy oak in to position.   Following debate on the height above ground required and the levelling to allow rainwater to drain away we then mixed concrete to bed in the legs.
Linda Woodward kindly supplied “bubbly” and glasses and we drank to John’s memory with the old timers reminiscing on happy days volunteering with John.

The work group then adjourned to the Red Dog for lunch and again spoke of John about his good humour and happy days in the team.   This was a nice occasion commemorating the memory of John Woodward.

Paul Keene


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