Oct 312011

With our commitment at Millbrook and Jeff on holiday, Irene and Sue arrived at Cliffe expecting to jointly lead the walk.   However those attending were more than capable of leading themselves, and a leisurely stroll was agreed on along the path leading to Cliffe creek.   From the car park we saw jackdaw, crow, black-headed gull, […]

Oct 302011
Millbrook Wildlife Garden

Five of us attended Millbrook Garden Centre from 27th to 30th October to support the opening of their wildlife garden. On Thursday and Friday we arranged an activity for children where they could make a flower and then take it to the wildlife garden where we explained how they could help to introduce and support […]

Oct 202011
St Margaret's at Cliffe

This week my Wednesday crew decided (after much debate) to go to St Margaret’s at Cliffe to the east of Dover.   Although a little cold, it was bright and sunny.   We began at the monument and our first sighting was a group of goldfinch feeding on surrounding seedheads.   Wood pigeons, jackdaw, crow and robin were […]

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Oct 162011

We should soon be seeing redwings & fieldfares (they are already with my friend in Preston, Lancs. in large numbers), and the BTO are looking for help in data collection. It’s really easy, just go onto the BTO website, log into Birdtrack, and complete the details.  All they are asking for are details of where the […]

Oct 162011
Dungeness 16th October

Around a dozen of us met at the car park by the Old Lighthouse – Jeff led with a strong support team.   After discussion Jeff decided we should go towards the observatory and check out the moat and ringing area.   As we watched house sparrow, goldfinch, carrion crow, magpie and pied wagtail we noticed that two […]

Oct 072011
Dungeness trip report

It was a fine hot sunny day for our October visit to Dungeness with little wind about.  So nice for birdwatchers and perhaps too nice for migrants – which would have made the most of the good weather and kept on going south!  We started by exploring the areas behind the lighthouse and the bushes […]