Oct 302011

Five of us attended Millbrook Garden Centre from 27th to 30th October to support the opening of their wildlife garden.

Flowers made by the children

On Thursday and Friday we arranged an activity for children where they could make a flower and then take it to the wildlife garden where we explained how they could help to introduce and support wildlife in their own gardens.   In addition we took groups on guided walks around the garden centre, again ending up at the wildlife area.



We had an RSPB table with leaflets on feeding the birds, homes for wildlife and our last newsletter.   In terms of  “people engagement” it was one of the most successful that the group has been involved with over the last few years. We think about 250 adults/children visited the hide and a minimum of 50 children were involved with making flowers.    Many of the people that came were very interested, and enjoyed telling us about their own wildlife experiences.   A most enjoyable and rewarding few days.  

Visitors to the Wildlife Garden

If anyone would like to help at a future event, please contact Malcolm, Sally or Sue.   Or use the “contact us” link  (on the “About Us” drop- down menu)