Jul 312012

Dear Fellow Members In June Sue and I visited the Uists with the Field Studies Council for a week of birdwatching and botanical exploration starting from their Kindrogen Field Centre. The weather was actually excellent and we had a wonderful time in a landscape that is at the same time both breathtaking in its beauty […]

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Jul 312012

The RSPB North Kent Marshes team are still looking for volunteers for this event, so if you have a half day to spare, please contact them either by email or phone or using the form here: Letter WLCF W&CF 2012 Volunteer list Here are the details of the event from my previous post in July: This annual […]

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Jul 292012
Grove Ferry & Reculver

This week we decided to go to Grove Ferry where we would have the opportunity of some wading birds and also hopefully utilise the hides for shade as the temperatures soared. We took the “pretty route” as Malcolm navigated, and eventually arrived in the car park around 11.00 am, without a feather being spotted! From […]

Jul 282012

Our trip to Dungeness was eagerly anticipated, as always.   A great venue and the weather was set to be sunny and warm.   We gathered in the car park by the Old Lighthouse with plenty of time to spare so Malcolm, Sally and I decided to enjoy a cup of tea at the station […]

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Jul 262012

Latest figures from the Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) show the lowest numbers in some of our breeding wading birds since the survey started in the early 1990s along with declines in a number of our farmland and woodland species. Waders breed on wet grassland in the south east, where they nest on the ground and […]

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Jul 252012
Oare KWT Reserve and The Gunpowder Works, Faversham

So, happily back in to my Wednesday routine and three of us were off to Oare!   (Irene enjoying a holiday somewhere exotic)    The weather was good, warm and with good light despite the clouds overhead. We decided to shake life up a little and do the circuit the “wrong way round” – those […]

Jul 242012
Cheeky neighbours on the decline

Starling records greatest loss of any European farmland bird With its cheeky nature and chirpy, chattering song, and dotty iridescent feathers, the starling is one of our most recognizable birds, but figures show that 40 million starlings have disappeared from the European Union, including the UK, since 1980. In Kent, starlings have declined by 69% […]

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