Jul 102012

The RSPB have been issuing these Gazettes over the past year and I will put them on the website as they are received. (This may be slightly out of date) The RSPB launched their Stepping Up for Nature (SUfN)campaign in March 2011 to ensure the Government meets its target to halt the decline in biodiversity by 2020. But the wildlife charity also believes we can all take small individual steps, and together, make a big difference both locally, nationally and on an international level.

Stepping Up for Nature is an opportunity to get involved . Everyone who takes a step for nature, no matter how small, is part of something much bigger and helping to make a difference. Since the movement started in March 2011, the RSPB calculate that one step has been taken every 18 seconds. Within the first six months of the campaign, an amazing one million steps had already been taken towards protecting our wildlife and environment.

By ‘Stepping up For Nature’, you can make a real difference in supporting the work of the RSPB . People have contributed by taking all sorts of steps for nature from creating homes for wildlife in their gardens, campaigning for protection for seabirds, fundraising and taking part in the Big Garden Birdwatch and other surveys. Each month there are four themes of steps, which people can choose from: giving, doing, volunteering and campaigning. This month’s steps are shown in the attached Gazette.

Stepping Up for Nature Newsletter 2012 – June

Jeffrey Kirk

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