Oct 292012
A lovely day at St Margaret's Bay

  Sunday 28 October,weather forecast not promising  – heavy rain and a cold wind off the sea. Most of the regular people I knew of weren’t going for various reasons so I said to Wendy we had better go, no one will turn up , we can have a cup of tea and come home. […]

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Oct 272012
Cormorants on the move

Did anyone notice a large flock of cormorants over Shorne yesterday morning?   I took this photograph of them from Shorne Country Park as they flew East – any guesses as to how many there were gratefully received. . . . I don’t think I have ever seen so many together before

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Oct 242012
Birding in the mist

Somehow not quite so romantic a title as “Gorillas in the Mist” but you have to pick your venues, and ours this week was the Isle of Grain in the autumnal mist of Kent. Before we had even got out of the car Sally had spotted a bird on a nearby roof – it was […]

Oct 182012
Visible Migration

It seems as if everything you read about birds at this time of year is concentrating on “Viz Mig” a rather lazy way of saying visible migration of birds.   We decided that this Wednesday we would try for some migration sightings of our own and headed for the Isle of Thanet. We started out […]

Oct 162012

We have been invited to submit a team for the Sevenoaks RSPB group’s quiz in November: Sevenoaks RSPB Group Quiz Night Advert 2012 If you are interested in joining in, please let us know in a comment below – if there is enough interest, we may be able to submit a team.

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