Oct 112012

A great time was had by all who attended our 35th Anniversary Dinner on Saturday.   It was lovely to see all our leaders past and present; Jim Martin who set the group up, David Arnold, Peter Heathcote, Malcolm Jennings and Jeff Kirk the current incumbent.

Peter Heathcote, Jim Martin, David Arnold, Jeff Kirk and Malcolm Jennings

After a fine meal we were treated to a slideshow of our various outings and escapades over the years put together by Peter; from our outdoor meetings, volunteering projects (even Jeff’s car getting stuck in the snow at Dungeness last January).

Rolf Williams (Communications Officer) from the RSPB office at Northward Hill thanked the group and it’s members for its support over the years.

Jeff thanked all members and volunteers, and emphasised that it is vital for the Group to continue to look forward.   With the proposed development plans along the Thames Gateway it is especially important at the moment that we maintain public awareness of these important issues.


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  1. A big thankyou for inviting us representatives of the Northward Hill RSPB to your celebratory evening! We had a fantastic evening and enjoyed meeting some of you and learning about the history of the group. Best wishes, here’s to another 35 years!


    The Resident Volunteers