Jan 232013

As the weather was still cold and snow lay on the ground we decided to try a local walk again this week.    We started off at Cobham, near the Mausoleum.   Blue Tit and Great Tit were the most numerous birds we encountered at first, along with some Crows and a couple of Green Woodpecker.    Blackbird “chucked” away deep in the brambles, Robin, Collared Dove, Wood Pigeon and Jackdaw were disturbed as we walked through the woods.   On the ground several Blackbird and Redwing were feeding in the soft leaf litter, and as we enjoyed them a Song Thrush came into view.

Darnley Mausoleum in the Snow

Darnley Mausoleum in the Snow

We wandered into Ranscombe Farm, the Plantlife Reserve.   All morning we had encountered large numbers of Crow, Jackdaw and we were delighted to add a group of four Ravens.    Flying overhead with their “cronk” giving them away.    We had great views of them including the tail shape.

On our return to the car we came across a flock of eleven Long-tailed Tits, a couple of Goldcrest and most exciting, a Marsh Tit. It was only seen for a few seconds, but the distinctive call confirmed our identification.

Long-tailed tit

Long-tailed Tit

We called in at Shorne Country Park for lunch.    We bumped into Julie, and had a chat as we warmed up.   She had seen a large group of Siskin, and many Fieldfare.   We were charged with finding them before we left.

We managed to catch up with several Fieldfare, the Siskin eluded us, but we did get great close views of a group of Long-tailed Tits.