Feb 222013
Stodmarsh and Blean Wood

This Wednesday the weather looked bright if a little cold – something we have not had the luxury of for a few weeks – and we decided to start off at Stodmarsh.    The weather forecast had said an easterly wind would be blowing up the Thames, so inland was the order of the day. […]

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Feb 212013
Nest Box Week – Millbrook Garden Centre

During the BTO National Nest Box Week, Feb 14-21, members of the Gravesend Group were on hand for two days at Millbrook Garden Centre to give help and advice on nest boxes and feeding garden birds. NNBW aims to encourage everyone to put up nest boxes in their local area in order to promote and […]

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Feb 132013
Rainham Marshes

After several weeks of being frozen we veered on the side of comfort this week and made for Rainham Marshes where there are hides to shelter in and an excellent cafe to provide some warmth and refreshment. Dunnock, Robin and Collared Dove were joined by Blackbirds and all before we had left the car park. […]

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Feb 122013
Why starlings don't like snow!

It’s not easy for any creature this time of year when the cold weather and short days makes finding enough food to survive on, much harder. The fact that so many people nowadays help the garden  birds out by supplying seed and water can only be a good thing I’m sure. However, I think that […]

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Feb 102013

The Committee are holding a Meeting in the evening of 18th February 2013 to consider the future of the group following the AGM in May when I will be stepping down as Group Leader. The provisional agenda for the meeting will be: 1. Can we find a new Group Leader from our current membership. Or […]

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Feb 072013

Just found some siskins round the corner, and I found them by the call, so perhaps all Malcolm’s training is finally paying off. Sue

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