Apr 122013

You will recall that Malcolm, Sally and I have been involved in the York Road Academy (Dartford) as they set up their wildlife garden.   Thanks to the generous support from RBS, we have been able to donate the sum of £250 to the school to continue our support for the project.    This will be used to create a hide for the children to view the wildlife garden with minimal disturbance to the wildlife and also to enable the children to continue to feed the birds in the forthcoming months.

Sally also presented some RSPB wildlife pin-badges which the children are now proudly wearing.

It’s always a delight to meet people with an enthusiasm for nature and conservation, and none of this would have been possible without the dedication and motivation of Julie and the teaching staff at the school.   The children have responded well to the nature club and we look forward to more news from the school in the future.

Thanks to all concerned.



Here is a link to the head’s letter

And here is gallery of pictures drawn by the pupils who been inspired by the project.