May 312013
Sea Eagle Steals Fish from Otter

I have been wanting to put this short video clip on our site for several weeks. On holiday on the Isle of Mull we saw this amazing sequence and Sally managed to film it! Sea Eagle Steals Fish from Otter Malcolm

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May 272013
Dawn chorus report from Northward Hill

Meeting in the car park at Bromhey Farm (part of Northward Hill RSPB reserve) at 5am in the morning we were greeted by a chaffinch announcing the start of a sunny if rather chilly morning.  We soon added whitethroat, wren, robin and song thrush and these species would continue to be the dominant songsters for […]

May 252013

A cold and grey morning’s walk at Lullingstone this week certainly added to my “heard” list rather than species seen!   There weren’t even any butterflies or many flowers to enjoy with such a delayed early summer. Crosswort was good to see, along with the twisted bark on the trunk of Sweet Chestnut trees. Malcolm […]

May 222013
State of nature report

For the first time ever, the UK’s wildlife organisations have joined forces to undertake a health check of nature in the UK and its Overseas Territories. Working side-by-side, 25 wildlife organisations have compiled stock take of all our native wildlife. The report reveals that 60 per cent of the species studied have declined over recent […]

May 222013
Knole Park

Our weekly walk took us to Knole Park this week, and although it wasn’t the best of weather, it was a least a bit brighter than yesterday. We wandered along a line of oak trees looking for Galls and did find Andricus quercus-ramuli – Cotton Wood Gall to you and I.    This is a […]

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May 222013
Horton Kirby Rainbows - Update

Following on from our usual weekly walk,  it was soon time for Malcolm, Sally, Irene and myself to go on to Horton Kirby and our meeting with Michelle and the local Rainbows group. [You may recall we visited them earlier in the year]. This time we were going on a wildlife walk with them along […]

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May 212013

the Government has today published details of a public consultation regarding the options for a new “Lower Thames” river crossing. Full details of the three options (including maps) can be found here. The impact to Green Belt land including parts of the Kent Downs, ancient woodland, and Thames Marshes could be significant, and I’m sure there will be […]

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May 162013
Oare and Milton Creek

So, given that we had a great Sunday, we were keen to repeat the experience nearer home, on Wednesday.   Unfortunately the weather had other ideas and we mulled over our destination for quite a while – long enough for Malcolm to feed the birds, Sally to explain why they had ended up with 4 […]