May 212013

the Government has today published details of a public consultation regarding the options for a new “Lower Thames” river crossing.

Full details of the three options (including maps) can be found here. The impact to Green Belt land including parts of the Kent Downs, ancient woodland, and Thames Marshes could be significant, and I’m sure there will be some heated debates to come on this subject!

Alan E

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  1. We neither need nor want a new Thames crossing, nor an estuary airport, in this area. There is little enough of “rural” Kent left for people let alone wildlife and birds. Scrapping the tolls at the Dartford crossing will help congestion but nothing will cure it. Every time a new road is built to “relieve congestion” it generates more traffic…..a never ending circle. In the future Kent might as well be covered by 5ft of concrete and the population can all go to………………………and cause more congestion
    I say NO to all three proposals.

  2. Fantasy this thames crossing all three proposels. Let’s get on with removing the tolls before any new things are done the KCC can not look after the road ,s they all ready have let aloan buliding more our wlid life ares are here to say. As for fantasy thames estuary airport yet more pie in the sky rubbish will near ever take offnot needed not wanted. Along campainer of cliff airport standing up for nature. Bob standing meopham kent