May 222013

Following on from our usual weekly walk,  it was soon time for Malcolm, Sally, Irene and myself to go on to Horton Kirby and our meeting with Michelle and the local Rainbows group. [You may recall we visited them earlier in the year].

This time we were going on a wildlife walk with them along the River Darent.   We met in Westminster Field and did a walk along the River there.    Many of the children had binoculars and one also had a bird book.    We saw Swift overhead and a Sparrowhawk circled overhead for several minutes enabling all the girls to see the bird. Buttercup and Dandelion seedheads gave us all entertainment as we shared our “do you like butter” and “what time is it?” experiences.

Their next sighting was a Moorhen on the river, and we then moved along to the more wooded area.    Here Blackbird, Robin, Crow and Blackcap were either seen or heard or both!



Then it was onto our star turn and the Chiffchaff nest area.   We had already walked the area on the previous day and had found a bird showing all the signs of being near a nest.   It was therefore with caution that we took them towards this area.    The girls all sat quietly whilst Malcolm explained to them what we had found the day before, and although we could hear the contact “chipping” the bird did not show itself.    We continued along the path, looking at the flowers we could find and looking for feathers and other items of interest.    Cow Parsley was in abundance and when we found a patch of Cleavers there was much amusement as it stuck to our clothing.    Seed dispersal in action!

Soon it was time to retrace our steps, with a quiet approach to the Chiffchaff enabling some of us to finally see a bird near the nest area.    We moved swiftly on as our time was nearly over.

Many thanks to Michelle and her team and all the Rainbows, for sharing their weekly meeting with us.


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