Jun 032013
Young robin

Young robin

If you watched Springwatch last week you will have seen their plug for Garden BioBlitz. Sally and I joined in on Sunday 2nd June and looked for “wildlife” in our garden. Our garden is very WILD so it wasn’t too difficult. Birds, bugs and butterflies were soon listed and photographed by Sally. Woodlice, crab spiders and bumble bees were soon added.

The highlight for me was finding three species of tephritid fly – one of which I have never found in the real wild. Tephritis bardanae was found just by the back door! The highlight for Sally was this baby robin – it looked very well fed, which is not surprising, since we have been feeding it live mealworms (via Mum and Dad) for about 3 weeks. To see some of the photographs of species that we found in the garden try our Flickr site Garden BioBlitz

Our sightings were added to iRecord


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  1. Great little survey with smashing photos: it really is a jungle out there!

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