Jun 052013

Bird HideFor four days last week Sally, Sue and I worked with the staff at Millbrook Garden Centre, Gravesend to put on a Springwatch event. We led walks around the store (both outside and inside!) looking for birds and other wildlife. As last year it really was amazing what we found. Nesting wrens and blackbirds, and song thrush, dunnock, kestrel and chaffinches were found. From the hide everyone had good views of feeding birds. The highlight of the event was the live video feed from a nest box camera with blue tits and at least 9 young -you could see them growing!

albino grey squirrel 4As always the event was very enjoyable and rewarding. We enjoy talking to people about wildlife – we hope that visitors learn a bit from us, but we certainly learn ourselves. It is always good to hear others tell us about their wildlife experiences. So when we were told about an albino grey squirrel in our area we were keen to find out more! And what a spectacular animal – it’s welcome at my bird table any day. Thanks for the pictures David.

albino grey squirrel.jpg




The Millbrook bird hide is in the Wildlife Garden and is always open. Over 300 people visited the hide during this event.



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