Jul 222013

We’ve been sent a couple of mini trip reports by one of our members, Sharon Norman:

19th July – Oare Marshes

What a spectacular sight this afternoon couldn’t believe there were at least 1,000 Dunlin on the scrape at one time they took flight circled and relanded. There were 4 Little Egrets 6 Cormorants, 1 Avocet, 2 Lapwing and I had the pleasure of seeing a Lesser Redpoll land on the dried muddy bank of the scrape, nearby 7 Barnacle Geese.

After a walk along the bank I spotted from the hide 2 Avocet feeding in the mud and at least 40 Starling and their young feeding on the seaweed! There was a warbler singing nearby obviously enjoying the long summer afternoon as much as me!

21st July – Dungeness RSPB

Had a drive down to Dungeness today only got to the first hide and really not a lot to see apart from gulls, cormorants and Little Egrets and a very thin fox that was scuttling around the car park!

Decided to attend the talk about the decline of the short haired bumblebee and how they are reintroducing it which lasted an hour and was very informative. I learnt so much more about the life of a bee and how the declining population effects prices of fruit and vegetables and how in China they are using humans to pollinate their trees using cotton swabs!!

Amazing stuff. If anyone wants info www.bumblebeereintroduction.org the project run by Dr Nikki Gammans FRES.

Thanks Sharon!

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