Aug 302013
The Isle of Sheppey - but not as you know it!

Normally the Isle of Sheppey would give rise to thoughts of Elmley, Capel Fleet and Shellness, but on this occasion we decided to take a different tack, and go for some potential migrant habitat along the north coast. We started out at Warden Point, a place I have only ever visited once before with rather […]

Aug 262013
Conyer Creek and Oare Marshes Trip Report

The weather forecast for our trip was for rain and unfortunately this proved to be an accurate description for some parts of our day out. As we turned up at Conyer Creek, through the downpour and rivers of rain, we sat patiently waiting, in the hope that things might improve. The roads were awash, so, […]

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Aug 222013
Rainham Marshes - revisited

Sue’s trip reports are always excellent and her post of our visit to Rainham is a good example. However she missed out what I thought were two highlights of the day. The first highlight was Jeff handing over a cheque to Sally as payment for his Pulborough coach trip tickets. Enough said! Book your tickets […]

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Aug 212013
Rainham Marshes

A dozen of us joined Malcolm and Sally for the last of their Tuesday morning walks of the summer.   Rainham Marshes RSPB Reserve was today’s destination, and what a great day we had! The weather was warm and sunny and although a large group of mothers and toddlers arrived at around the same time […]

Aug 112013
Cliffe Pools trip report

Our evening walk at Cliffe Pools on Friday began well with cormorants, stock doves, great black-backed gulls and a hobby flying through as we gathered in the car park.   As we moved off, ably led by Neville a green woodpecker called. Jackdaw, wood pigeon, blackbird and starling were all noted by members of the […]

Aug 022013
Peregrines at Bluewater

For those of you that missed the SE News last night, they reported a story about nesting Peregrines on the chalk cliffs surrrounding the Bluewater shopping centre. Here is the story with video clip. If you’re interested in paying a visit, it looks to me like the presenters are standing in the SW side of Bluewater […]

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