Oct 292013
Millbrook Garden Centre - wildlife tours

Over the weekend Sally and I were at Millbrook Garden Centre showing people birds and other wildlife. The staff were busy tying everything down – because of the storm forecast for Sunday night and the weather may also have kept some people away. Nevertheless we were busy both days talking to people and we did […]

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Oct 212013

The weather forecast was bad but despite driving to Sheppey in pouring rain, 7 of us decided we would carry on regardless. The approach road has been vastly improved since our previous visit with lots of clearance and excavation evident. On the right hand side sunflowers have been planted in huge drifts and these were […]

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Oct 192013
Oare Marsh

  Where do you go birding when you know its going to rain (and your companions don’t like getting their hair wet!) Well Oare Marsh, of course. It did rain and the girls did get their hair wet but we did see and enjoy some birds. Most of the usual Oare waders (such as dunlin) […]

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Oct 192013
Black - headed Gulls at Chatham

    On Monday Sally and I had to go to Chatham. Once business was finished we decided to go birdwatching on the “Waterfront” while waiting for the 136 bus. There were very few birds around when we arrived but this soon changed when a young mother came along and started to feed the birds […]

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Oct 142013
RSPB Group at 'Apple Day'

On Saturday 12th October members of the Gravesend RSPB Group attended Northfleet School for Girls for their  ‘Apple Day’ event. This event was intended to celebrate the Autumn harvest and the natural world generally. We had hoped to be outside in the wildlife area but with unpredictable weather our tables were inside in the dry. However, there were outdoor activities […]

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