Jan 262014

A few weeks ago the group visited Elmley NNR. Sue wrote an excellent trip report but it was such a spectacular visit that I thought it would be good to look again at some of the sights of the day.

Click on the links to watch video and on trip to see the route and some more photographs (needs Google Earth).

Ducks on the River Swale.

Flying to roost at Elmley NNR



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  1. Once again, great video Sally. The Google earth map doesn’t tell the full story of the deep water we had to negotiate to reach the second hide – I seem to remember a lot more weaving and backtracking across the field!

  2. Looking at the your route on the Google Earth map, has the seawall hide been moved?
    And does the third hide looking over the scrape still exist? Or was it not possible to get to with all the water?

    • The seawall hide has gone! Removed by the RSPB because of its poor condition. The point on the map shows where some of us stuck our heads over the top of the seawall. All the other hides are in place but it would have been a wet and muddy slide to get to the third hide. Evidently the Elmley Estate have plans to put a hide on the seawall overlooking the Swale fairly soon. The GPS unit that Sally now uses is quite good – if you look at the route it is even possible to see where (and on her map) when she visited the “facilities”.

  3. I don’t think you needed to tell everyone that Malcolm!