Feb 162014

Millbrook openingOn Saturday Sally, Irene and I (plus robin) helped to open the bird watching hide at Millbrook Garden Centre (video). We were very fortunate that the “cutting of the ribbon” was timed for one of the few dry periods of the day! However, as always, we met many people and did a lot of talking about birds and wildlife conservation. Sally managed to take some nice videos (Birds1)(Birds2) of feeding birds during one of several heavy showers.

The Sun was shining on Sunday and the garden centre was very busy – and so were we. As usual the staff at Millbrook made us feel very welcome. A really good day – but by the end I was feeling at bit like this woodpigeon!woodpigeon

The staff at Millbrook have organised events for children throughout this week and we are back there on Thursday for a “Talk and Lunch” event. Graham and I will give an illustrated talk about the wildlife garden, and we will then conduct a tour of the area to see what birds are about. After that it’s back to the cafe for lunch.


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  1. Well done Malcolm. Interesting to see in the video clip that the Parakeets have reached Millbrook. We have a growing population in Greenhithe now, so they’re working their way towards Gravesend.

    • They have reached Cobham village and “Cobham” woods by the Mausoleum – I think we have seen them at Shorne Country Park. But not yet in Gravesend itself and not in our garden.

  2. I’ve seen and heard them along the ‘old A2’ around the cyclopark and near Ebbsfleet station and have done so at the former for at least a couple of years now, so they have arrived in Gravesend as well!

  3. There is a flock in swanscombe that tends to congregate around the church

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