Mar 272014
Chattenden Woods - Development Plans

Last year many of the Conservation groups jointly published the report “State of Nature”. It made bad reading so surely we must have learnt something! It seems not. Most of you will have read about the plans to develop Chattenden now to be considered by Medway Council. Chattenden Woods was recently designated an SSSI because […]

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Mar 272014
Grey Heron at Bluewater

It is not often that I go to Bluewater. But it’s spring and very soon nightingales, blackcaps, willow warblers and all the other birds will be singing – so I made my annual visit to the hearing aid shop to get my hearing aids fully tuned in and ready to go! With re – tuned […]

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Mar 212014
Dispatches from Dungeness - March update

WILDLIFE HIGHLIGHTS From Natalie Holt, Warden. Over the past few weeks we have had a growing number of starlings on the reserve. Visitors have enjoyed seeing a couple of hundred darken the sky for a handful of seconds before jostling for position on the wires outside Boulderwall Farm. These are nothing like the shape-shifting ‘murmurations’ […]

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Mar 182014
Oare Marshes

20 of the Gravesend Group arrived for the trip to Oare Marshes on a beautiful sunny, if rather windy, day. We were amazed how the muddy ground had dried up so quickly, but there had been no rain for the last two weeks. Fortunately we all managed to park with no problem, but later discovered […]

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Mar 182014
Elmley National Nature Reserve

Elmley National Nature Reserve has long been a favourite venue for our group to go bird watching. As you are all probably aware it is not now managed by the RSPB. However the reserve is open and can be visited. Some of us have already been there several times and the reserve is well worth […]

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Mar 162014
Garden Wildlife

Sally and I seemed to have got stuck indoors – mainly computer work! But that has not stopped her making short videos of what is happening in the garden. So I can offer you these. Frogs in the pond House Sparrows bathing Jay feeding on peanuts If I had the time I would clean the […]

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Mar 102014
Penduline Tits at Dungeness

We went to Dungeness on Sunday, and were lucky enough to get amazing views of the Penduline Tits from the Hanson Hide – they were literally outside the hide window feeding on the reed mace. Ian & Sue Griffin

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