Mar 272014
Greay Heron

Grey Heron

It is not often that I go to Bluewater. But it’s spring and very soon nightingales, blackcaps, willow warblers and all the other birds will be singing – so I made my annual visit to the hearing aid shop to get my hearing aids fully tuned in and ready to go!

With re – tuned ears I was just about to leave Bluewater when I noticed this grey heron outside in the Winter Garden. As soon as the little kid next to me had stopped shouting “what’s that duck” at full throttle I asked Sally to take this short video. Brilliant!


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  1. Nice one Sally! I wonder if the Peregrines will return to Bluewater this year. Also, as I drove past there yesterday I saw a Buzzard circling over the small woodlands in the quarry next to Bluewater (proposed site for Ebbsfleet Garden City)