Apr 182014

055One of the most conspicuous insects at this time of the year is the Bee Fly (not forgetting, of course, the orange tip butterfly, peacock butterfly, queen bumble bees, brimstone…………..so many good things to see). There is more than one species of bee fly but one of them is common. And now is a good time to look out for them. They rarely keep still so taking a photograph is not easy – so take a video then. This one was in our garden feeding on honesty flowers. You can watch it here and here. You can just hear the wings humming – sorry about all of the noise from our house sparrows.

Sally has just sent me a photograph of a bee fly that she found today – OK, so they do sometimes keep still – but it’s not as good as the video!


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  1. I received this comment by email from Ethna Cooke:

    “Bee flies love hanging onto washing on the line! Sometimes they end up indoors needing to be rescued because they have avoided getting shaken off when the washing is brought in!”