Apr 062014


 RainbowsAt the beginning of April some of our Group joined The ‘Rainbows’ of Horton Kirby once again. This group of enthusiastic and talented 5/6 year olds met us at the village hall with their leaders and together we talked about signs of Spring. We made Spring flowers out of paper, card and lots of glue, (well, there was glue everywhere anyway…) and we gave the girls a bird book each to help them identify the flowersbirds they see and a pin badge.

 We enjoy this chance to meet young people. It’s an opportunity to share our own passion for wildlife and the natural world with a new generation. After three visits we are getting to know each other.

Hopefully we can continue our meetings.


The photograph on the left is of flowers that Sally made to test out her ideas. The flowers that the girls made were rather better! – but we were too busy to take any pictures.


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