Jul 212014
Robert Pocock Display At TownCentric

As you will know several members of our local group have been involved in the Robert Pocock Herbarium Project. We have mounted a small display in the Tourist Office in Gravesend. The display contains images of some the Pocock plant specimens that we found in the Natural History Museum. The display ends on Saturday 2nd […]

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Jul 192014
Greenfinch - Keeping Cool

As you will know Gravesend has been the hottest place in the UK over the last couple of days. This greenfinch has been keeping his cool. We haven’t seen him actually get in the bird bath but he does like to take a shower. He just closes his eyes and lets the house sparrows do […]

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Jul 182014
Big Butterfly Count

        This weekend marks the launch of this year’s Big Butterfly Count. It is really easy to get involved just spend 15 minutes in a sunny spot and note down how many of each species you see.  Then submit your results with the date and location at www.bigbutterflycount.org. You can download an […]

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Jul 072014

The old favourite strikes again. Today we realised that all the media speculation about autumn being on its way was probably right, as huge numbers of black-tailed godwit were already gathering in post-breeding flocks.  Many juvenile birds were found including pied wagtail, shelduck, lapwing, coot (over 100), reed bunting, little grebe, starling, mute swan, greylag […]

Jul 062014
Samphire Hoe

Just realised that I have not told you about my last two walks, I’ve been busy enjoying myself on other matters.   However, here goes with the latest update. Samphire Hoe was our destination at the end of June.   This is the reserve which was created by the spoils of the channel tunnel drilling. […]

Jul 052014
Masonry Bees

I have received some news from Steve, one of our members, who has built a masonry bee hotel. Having enjoyed making the hotel and watching the ‘guests’ arrive, Steve reported as follows:- “The Masonry bees are mainly Osmia rufa (I think).   They seem to prefer the plant stem tubes to the drilled logs.   […]