Oct 192014

Thank you for 2013-14 donationsA ‘Thank You’ received is always  appreciated; so let me pass on the thank you received from Chris Corrigan, the Regional Director of the RSPB South East England, for the £1540 we raised for the RSPB last year.

I would also like to use this opportunity to pass on my own ‘thank you’s:

Thank you to Josie Brown who runs our RSPB goods stall.  You can find her at our indoor meetings, where at this time of the year, she has a good selection of Christmas cards and gifts.

Thank you to Malcolm and Sally Jennings, who continue to service numerous pin badge collection boxes around Gravesend.

Thank you to everyone who has: made donations, attended our meetings, bought raffle tickets, gone out on our coach trips and paid our modest annual group fee.

Thank you to everyone who volunteers in any way to help run the Group’s activities.

Finally, to those who have  elected to receive our newsletters and programme via email,  thank you. You have enabled us to reduce our costs, reduce our carbon footprint and to give more.

Your continuing support of the valuable, ongoing local work of the RSPB is greatly appreciated.