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On Tuesday, 24th February, we had our indoor meeting at Gravesend Masonic Hall.

Alison Ruyter gave us a presentation on “Wildlife on an urban reserve” . Alison is the Medway & Mid Kent area warden for the Kent Wildlife Trust and she told us about the range of local  green spaces we have & the hidden wildlife they hold. She had in fact come straight to our talk from Darland Bank where she had been working with volunteers on scrub removal. Her talk was really interesting and very good. In the first half we discovered some of the reserves in her area, such as Darland Banks, Holborough Marsh and Queendown Warren. We found out about the special wildlife that these reserves have. After tea and coffee Alison told us about how the Kent Wildlife Trust plan for wildlife on a landscape scale and what this actually looks like on a map of the area. A lively discussion took place at the end of her talk – thanks to Alison for coming along to talk to us.

Darent at DartfordI am a great fan of local reserves and I think that we do not make enough use of them! Some of the reserves may be small but it is really amazing what wildlife can be found in them. To sort of prove the point Sally and I were in Dartford on “Robert Pocock Herbarium Project” business on Friday so we went for a walk in Central Park along the Darent to Brooklands Lake. It’s not a nature reserve of course but there was a lot to see. The river was quite impressive especially through the tunnels between the park and the lake. 20+ species of bird, some nice galls and this moorhen. I have never seen a moorhen bathing – what’s the point in that?

There were 24 mallard ducks that wanted feeding (plus a couple of “dodgy” ducks). There was a very nice “Cafe in the Park” and, for those with young children or grandchildren, a very well used childrens’ play area and we saw a green woodpecker.

Not bad for the centre of town.


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  1. Received this from David “Your blog about Dartford Park reminds me of many happy hours there. I used to work in Dartford and regularly walked around the park in my lunch time (about the only place to go in Dartford!).

    There I saw my first ever Lesser Spotted Woodpecker on a Willow over the river. I also used to see Kingfisher and Grey Wagtail regularly near the river and one autumn I even saw a migrating Ring Ouzel!

    A great place Dartford Park!”

  2. Received this from Howard. I was interested to see your mention of Brooklands Lakes today as I’m
    doing a lot of work there with the North West Kent Countryside Partnership
    this year. It’s a follow on from our work in the River Darent over the last
    several years in other locations whereby we have created habitat margins
    along the river bank, and also improved the river flow. So far we’ve spent
    our first three project days last month clearing low overhanging foliage to
    improve the light on the river edge, and we’ve another 3 days there this
    month (the work here is interspersed with other projects in different

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