May 292015
Grey wagtails on the Darent

In 2014, and also in 2013, we set ourselves the task of locating breeding pairs of grey wagtails along the River Darent. It’s a lovely stream and in the last few years has benefitted from conservation work. So last Wednesday we repeated the survey. I am very pleased to say that we found five sites […]

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May 242015
Orchid Observers

As many of you will know, Sally and I with others from the group have been busy working on the “Robert Pocock Herbarium” project with the Natural History Museum in London. Robert Pocock was really interested (obsessed?) with orchids. He collected them and also transplanted them hoping to increase their abundance. (We now know that […]

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May 242015
Sevenoaks KWT Reserve

On Tuesday 19th May a large group of 23 of us met at 10am for a walk around Sevenoaks KWT reserve. The previous evening I had checked the reserves website to find out what birds had been seen on the reserve over the last few days. I was lucky that the monthly bird count carried […]

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May 242015
Group Vist to Minsmere

On Saturday 16th May the group visited Minsmere RSPB reserve on the coast of Suffolk. We travelled by coach and Sally’s arrangements worked a treat – she even managed to find a toilet stop (sorry, comfort break) at Tesco outside Ipswich.  On arrival we were greeted by RSPB staff and given the daily news sheet. […]

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May 182015
Act now and defend nature

‘Giving Nature a Home’ is the message at the heart of the RSPB’s work. And an important part of this are the special places that are protected for the benefit of nature. Later this year the EU will debate whether the Nature Directives should be changed. The RSPB is campaigning to keep the Nature Directives […]

May 092015

Over the last two weeks Irene, Terry and myself have been privileged to see some wonderful sights on our weekly outings. Last week we were at Reculver and saw three male and two female cuckoo.   Four of the birds were chasing around from the sea wall to the brambles on the marshes.   We […]

May 082015
Stodmarsh - May trip report

Stodmarsh is my favourite reserve, May is my favourite month to visit it and hence I like to volunteer to lead this trip.  So when the promised good weather turned to a rainy, damp morning and a notice in the Stodmarsh car park announced that the section along the Stour was closed again, I was […]