May 242015

On Sagosling_cr1turday 16th May the group visited Minsmere RSPB reserve on the coast of Suffolk. We travelled by coach and Sally’s arrangements worked a treat – she even managed to find a toilet stop (sorry, comfort break) at Tesco outside Ipswich.  On arrival we were greeted by RSPB staff and given the daily news sheet. This gave us a target range of birds and other wildlife to find that included 11 booming male bitterns. And boom they did! Most of the group also saw bitterns as the birds moved from one part of the reed bed to another. SpringWatch will be broadcasting from Minsmere again this year – and no doubt we will see more of the bitterns then. Although our visit this year was slightly earlier than last year there were still a few fledglings around (I refuse to call them babies!) and the first avocet chicks had just hatched. A great spotted woodpecker was a very regular visitor to its nesting hole as were great tits using boxes. A new innovation this year (for me anyway) was the adder trail. This proved to be very popular with the group. Some of the group had better views of the snakes that I did – the only one that I could find was coiled up inside a fallen tree protector tube.Minsmere 014_cr

One short day is not long enough to do justice to the reserve and its wildlife. Between us we saw almost 80 species  of bird, 2 species of deer and some of us were lucky enough to see a porpoise swimming along just off the beach. And, of course, an adder! Difficult to think of an outstanding highlight. Lovely place, good weather – perhaps the little terns.

Thanks to Sally for arranging and managing the trip. Also thanks to Steve and Terry for the photographs.

Next coach trip – Welney in the autumn. See our programme for details.


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  1. For those interested, ‘Springwatch’ starts tonight, Monday 25th, on BBC 2 at 8pm. & will be shown 4 nights each week for next 3 weeks. I wonder if they will show us the adders…

  2. Thank you Sally, we had a truly wonderful day at Minsmere. Too many personal hi-lights to list.
    Thought about Malcolm last night (!) watching the clips of the Stone Curlew and Chris uttered the words blue and throat on Springwatch Unsprung.

  3. Thanks Sally for organizing a brilliant day out. The weather was kind to us all and the bird count excellent.
    Our highlights were seeing the Bittern flying and the Bearded Tits. Shame about the Bluethroat not being on show, but everything else made up for it.
    Thanks too to Malcolm and Terry for a good chat.

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