Sep 282015

Studies taken from the weekly reporting of many garden birdwatchers have helped us to understand more about how we can affect and influence bird behaviour. The BTO have looked at the data over a 12-year period and shown that Blackcaps have adapted to using the supplementary food put out in gardens, and this is believed […]

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Sep 262015

Are you aware that Gravesham Borough Council are carrying out a Parks and Open Spaces Consultation? The aim is for the Council to assess what is important to its residents and decide if there are enough open spaces of the right quality and in the right place to meet existing and future needs. This is a […]

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Sep 222015
2015 Volunteer Day - Saturday 10th October

This year we are going to our local RSPB reserve,  Cliffe Pools, for our volunteering day.  After our success at Rainham Marshes last year,  we now have a reputation to uphold so please come along and join us!   Ben Newton, who is the RSPB Assistant Warden for North Kent Marshes, was involved in our Beach Clean event […]

Sep 182015
The Life Cycle of a Tachinid Fly

Last week, on Thursday evening, our group talk was entitled “Insects – Life styles and Life cycles” by Mike Chittenden. Here is my own take on that subject. On the 26th August 2014 Julie brought me an elephant hawk-moth caterpillar that she had found eating the leaves of a fuchshia in her garden. The caterpillar […]

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Sep 172015
Group Flickr site

If you fancy a browse through photographs taken by members of the group, you might like to click here . If you would like to share your photographs with us, then just ask to join the group via our Flickr page. Sue

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Sep 152015
Bullfinches over the bubbles

Sometimes doing the washing up at the kitchen sink has its rewards! I just glanced up and noticed on my neighbour’s Rowan tree, silhouetted at the end of a branch, a rather heavy looking finch. At first I thought it was a fluffed up chaffinch but then, after I dived for my binoculars, could see […]

Sep 102015
A time for change? Part II

Just to keep you up to date with the latest figures: Currently (14:00 hrs 10th September) those signed up to the Government petition to ban drive grouse shooting in the UK is: 15933 Local constituency support now stands at: Gravesham – 31 – a great increase from the previous 12 Dartford – 19 – previously 14 […]