Oct 122015

great green (13)We found this female great green bush-cricket at Sandwich as we were walking along a concrete path towards a bird hide. Fortunately we noticed her before treading on her! After a few photographs had been taken I picked her up for a better view – and what a beauty! I then carefully placed her back in the vegetation that was growing by the path out of harms way. I thought this was the best thing to do.

After about 10 minutes or so we walked back along the path. There she was again, on the concrete path. Then we noticed she was laying eggs in a crack in the concrete! If you watch Sue’s video carefully you will see that the bush-cricket inserted at least two eggs while we watched. They may not hatch until spring 2017!

So the bush cricket wanted to be on the path. I was viewing her requirements from my perspective. My “conservation” efforts were neither needed nor wanted.

Thanks to Sally for the photograph and Sue for the video.



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  1. I have read that they can give a nasty bite if you restrain them – so a good job you were gentle and she rather seemed to enjoy sitting on your hand in the sunshine.

  2. Magnificent! What a beastie.

  3. I have never been bitten by a great green bush-cricket. But I once picked up a species of similar size when on holiday in France. It immediately started to nibble some “dead” skin around one of my finger tips (I had not visited my manicurist for some time). I just watched it eat bits of me and could not feel anything! When it seemed to have finished with one finger I just offered another. Eventually I got bored with this and put the bush-cricket back where I found it. It jumped off – no thanks not even a wave with its antennae!

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