Oct 052015

new wags_crIt has been some time since I last reported on some of our natural history excursions. But I can assure you that we have, nevertheless, been engaged in serious ecological studies.

Back in July we went in search of a plant blessed with the name of “Least Lettuce” Lactuca saligna. It is very rare nationally and in Kent is known from only one site. Why did we want to find it? It’s a Pocock plant (right photograph). And we made a big effort to search for it. We did eventually find the plant and if you want to know more about it then visit the Robert Pocock Herbarium page.finding least lettuce (29)_cr


Most often though, we are not “searching” for anything but just keeping our eyes open and enjoying what we see.



searchingOur trip last week gave us a really good example of this (left photograph). I have seen the animal before but this was special. What do you think we were looking at? Have a go with this one – I really enjoy the incorrect answers! I can’t wait to show you the pictures and video.


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  1. Well I won’t spoil the fun as I know what you found! Needless to say I was green as the ‘thing’ you discovered! Amazing. I’m wondering if these ‘things’ had a better year as I’ve seen quite a few posted on FB from various groups.

  2. hmmm, small (and green – thanks Julie!) and at this time of year? I’m going to guess at some kind of Cricket…?

  3. There’s a lot of ‘green’ things in nature Alan!

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