Nov 102015

Whilst walking my dog along Greenhithe promenade today, I noticed a fellow birder taking an interest in some birds flying around the houses along the river front – they were house martins!

There were 3 or 4 of them circling and presumably feeding. I can’t recall seeing them so late in the year before – presumably it’s the continuing mild weather that is confusing them and providing them with enough food to keep them here.

Anyone else still seeing them around their area?

Whilst chatting, we also discussed the development plans for Swanscombe Marshes, and I learnt that there is a website with information about the marshes including a map of the site, history of the marsh, photographs and sightings. There is also a petition to sign if you agree that this would be a great loss of habitat to this area.

You can find the site here.

Alan E

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  1. Not seen em this late.. but in the summer there are literally dozens of them nesting in the houses just off council avenue in Northfleet