Jan 152016

A contribution from Steve Webb, one of our members

“I took a walk today out to the sea wall at Cooling, just West of Egypt Bay.

This is where the sea wall is to be breached in July to create a new area of salt marshes. This is “mitigation” ie., to compensate for the loss of such habitat in Essex with the building of the new Thames Port container terminal down river from Tilbury.

If you zoom in on the panoramic photograph until the screen is filled top to bottom, then scroll fully to the left you will see the terminal cranes in Essex. Then keep scrolling right and it shows the new enclosed area behind the old sea wall, the area to be flooded at high tide, the new sea wall and back to the river looking West to London.”

North Kent's New Shoreline by Steve Webb

North Kent’s New Shoreline by Steve Webb


Thanks Steve

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