Jan 312016

I joined the walk with Peter Beckenham today on Swanscombe Marshes, an area of unique habitats which is being threatened (as are many other areas nearby at the moment) by development.   Here the proposal is for a theme park between Greenhithe and Northfleet on the Swanscombe peninsular.

Botany Marsh (© Sue Healey)

Botany Marsh

There are more photographs on my blog but I thought you might like to see what we will be losing.

There are areas which have not be changed for many, many years alongside areas where there has been previous development, but where nature has regained a foothold and wildlife has returned.   With a small Heronry, large areas of reedbed which hold a Marsh Harrier roost, wetland areas where wildfowl can preen away from the tidal estuary and the only site in the UK for a particular gall wasp (you can guess who gave me this information) this is a very important site for wildlife.

Looking towards Northfleet from Swanscombe Marshes (© Sue Healey)

Looking towards Northfleet from Swanscombe Marshes

As a group of over 50 walked along, enjoying the winter sunshine, young children enjoyed splashing around in the puddles, and the adults enjoyed a lovely walk in a relatively unspoilt area, despite all the development around.


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  1. Save Swanscombe Marsh for wildlife! RSPB should buy it or rent it or whatever they do to protect such habitats.