Feb 292016
Windy Dungeness

There was a cold easterly wind blowing when a dozen of us met at Dungeness lighthouse on Saturday morning, but not to be deterred we wrapped up warm and headed towards the power station. We were hoping to see the black redstarts which seem to have taken up residence in that area but unfortunately the […]

Feb 252016

The RSPB have today posted their initial response on the proposed Lower Thames Crossing and have set up a website link here. The link will be updated as and when more information is available, and as the RSPB has meetings with relevant authorities and groups. Please feel free to share this link with anyone who will […]

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Feb 212016
First frog spawn of 2016!

On Saturday 20th February I found our first batch of frog spawn in the pond. There will almost certainly be more. I counted 15 frogs in the pond at the time, but a day later there were at least 30. The males arrive first at the breeding grounds and begin to call, blowing out their […]

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Feb 182016
Cliffe Pools and Northward Hill

A large group met in the car park at Cliffe on Sunday morning.   Amazing, given the weather forecast the day before which was for rain all day.   It could not have been different; although cold, we had a bright day with sunshine and when we could get out of the wind it was […]

Feb 122016

Following several requests at the meeting yesterday evening – here are the local dates and venues for the Lower Thames Crossing events.  [There are others in Essex, for those dates please follow the link below]. The purpose of these events is to enable local people to explore the details of the potential routes and take […]

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Feb 032016
All alone at Oare

The weather forecast was not encouraging – strong winds and rain – but I decided that I had better go having missed a previous outing. I arrived at Oare and there was water everywhere with a particularly deep puddle restricting access to the sea wall, and a strong gusty wind. There were not many birds […]

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Feb 032016
Foreness Point in January

Despite the wet and windy weather Wendy and I set off for the first meeting of the year. This always attracts someone regardless of the conditions and sure enough there were a number of people there to celebrate a New Year of birding. Margate looked pretty drab and the Turner Gallery to me is unattractive […]

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