Mar 082016

More exciting news from Ian, who visited Elmley recently where he saw a jack snipe.   See this beautiful bird in his video here.   The bouncing is diagnostic behaviour of jack snipe on migration.

Something to whet the appetite of all those intending to go on the group meeting this coming weekend.

Then, just to annoy me even more, he recently saw another of my “A” list birds, with this lesser spotted woodpecker on a trip to Blean.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker at Blean

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker at Blean (© Ian Griffin)

I need to get out more!

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  1. Just to rub it in Sue – saw both these birds on the same day!

  2. Well done Ian!

  3. Good work Ian .

  4. Only just viewed Ian’s video, could have done with doing so before going to Elmley and looking for jack snipe! Amazing! Great! Lucky devil!

  5. Ian, can you send me your e mail address please, I would like to ask you a few questions about the photos etc.