May 272016

Young starlings are starting to appear in their brown/grey plumage.   Soon we will have gangs of them strutting around the garden in their comical way. Irene and Terry had some Starlings bathing in their birdbath recently, and to see the video, click here.      

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May 232016
Rye Harbour

We were promised sun, sea and a shingle habitat in which we hoped to see common, little and sandwich terns. Well the only thing lacking was the sun and even that showed signs of wanting to appear. This great reserve which boasts 90 breeding species of bird did not disappoint. No sooner had we entered […]

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May 142016

Those who attended the excellent talk by Les Edwins on Operation Turtle Dove will remember that he mentioned “Fair to Nature” this is an organisation encouraging farmers and producers to work with nature and protect and boost biodiversity. If you would like to know more about Fair to Nature, and the brand names to look […]

May 102016
Dawn chorus report

It is never easy to leave a comfortable bed at 4 o’clock in the morning to go on a dawn chorus walk, but myself and nine others stealed ourselves and were rewarded with a memorable start to the day.  This year’s dawn chorus took place 3 weeks later in the season than that from last […]