Jun 192016

sparrowSpringwatch has been brilliant this year with some extraordinary film. The blue tit nest box and the stoat family were my favourites (especially the astonishing sequence of the green woodpecker chicks being removed from the nest). And I think the Springwatch “Do Something Great” for nature is well worth promoting.

From talking with people at our Tuesday indoor meetings, I know that many of you are doing something for wildlife – putting up nest boxes in the garden, campaigning, recording birds in your garden or local area, or volunteering for the rspb and other wildlife groups.

House Sparrows are now red listed in the UK. The reasons for their decline in many areas is still unclear. Sally and I give them 11 nest boxes, sunflower hearts and mealworms. In return we get lots of fun and fledglings!


 Posted by on 19 June 2016 at 9:43 pm