Jun 032016

swift We received the following from Nick Gaskill this week and I thought I would open it out to all our members.

“I’ve driven along Thamesway between Springhead Road roundabout and the Ebbsfleet turn off a couple of times in the past two weeks and on both occasions I’ve spotted a pair of swifts. I’ve not seen any others locally? ”

So please let us know if you have swifts in your local area.

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  1. To kick off, as many of you will know from previous years, I’m lucky enough to have them nesting in my road (Pelham ward). They arrived this year on ‘Star Wars’ Day – May 4th – which is a typical arrival date. When we get a pleasant evening soon (or is that if?) I will do a count of the number of pairs nesting.

  2. I saw 5 whilst waiting in traffic in Darnley Road last week and the odd one or two over our garden in Meopham on a few occasions in the last week.

  3. We have generally seen swifts on a daily basis since the 13th May. We are opposite Christ Church in Old Rs East. The numbers range from 4-10 generally flying high but on some occasions down to roof top level.


    Pete & Karrie