Jul 262016

groupOn Tuesday a large group met at Sevenoaks Kent Wildlife Trust Reserve for our July walk. It was nice to see so many people turn up for this meeting – and for some this was their first visit to the reserve! Sevenoaks is always worth visiting although July can be a difficult time of year to find woodland birds and so it proved today. We kept ourselves happy though by trying to sort out the two grey wagtails (juveniles) from the family party of pied wagtails and by trying to find a very devious dunlin (or two) that insisted on hiding in the grass. Even the grey heron seemed to have the post breeding blues. The moorhens were still going strong though with yet another brood of red billed young to look after. Great crested grebes were seen but where have all of the little grebes gone?

heronThe stream and lakes on the reserve always have a good selection of dragonflies and today we saw brown hawker, emperor dragonfly, banded demoiselle, common blue damselfly and also, one of my favourites, the red eyed damselfly. We might have seen small red-eyed damselfly but our photographers were not quick enough to get a picture to prove it.

banded demoiselleIt was nice to welcome back some members of the group that we haven’t seen for awhile. Thanks to Chris for an excellent set of photographs – sorry I couldn’t use more of them!


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