Feb 282017

John Lawrence gave us a talk on “Garden Birds and Other Visitors” today at 2.00pm at the Masonic Hall in Gravesend. What was very special about John’s talk was that each bird was introduced with its song. This was a good reminder that seeing birds is only half the fun – recognising birds, by their calls and song, adds so much to enjoying them. You can hear and listen to birds in your garden, Gravesend promenade, parks, woods – anywhere! And now is the best time to start learning bird song. Start with your great tits, robins, blackbirds, dunnock and wren. By the time you have got these sorted move on to chaffinch and greenfinch. Then just as you think that you know them all, along come blackcaps, whitethroats and chiffchaffs. It’s not difficult – start now!

Thanks to John for an excellent talk and Sally for the photograph of wrens in our garden.


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  1. Yes. A thoroughly enjoyable talk and a look and listen to our garden and visiting birds. Always good to refresh yourself before the spring arrives to the calls and songs of these individual birds in my opinion.
    I like to challenge myself when the dawn chorus sets off before the sun arrives as to what bird will fire up first. It’s usually the Robin in our garden, followed shortly by the blackbirds. However, this year, it might be different as we’ve got a couple of carrion crows eyeing up next doors scots pine for a nesting site. At five thirty this morning, one of the crows was squeezing out some croaky tones from the chimney. So, we’ll see. Whatever bird it is, I don’t mind- they’re all welcome in our garden.