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Some of you will remember joining Peter Beckenham, a local birdwatcher and conservationist, for a walk at Swanscombe Marshes. The area is under threat of development by Paramount for an “Entertainment Resort”. Sally and I have have been back many times since then and I have occasionally posted a report on this website.

The habitat is quite diverse (and at first look rather tatty) but it supports many species of flowers and insects. On a sunny day it’s a great place to be! The range of birds to be seen is quite remarkable and we nearly always see something special too.

Broadness Point itself is very interesting.


The area can be accessed from Greenhithe High Street and then walking east (public footpaths are marked) or from Northfleet near Stonebridge along Lower Road/Botany Road and then walking west.

The walk in (or drive in) here is very industrial but the entrance to the Nature Reserve is marked and once inside it’s quite different – there is even a nice picnic bench. The reserve only covers a small part of the marsh but it is now managed by Kent Wildlife Trust and it is worth visiting on its own. I wish I had discovered this area years ago.


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  1. You can get there from the George & Dragon pub in Swanscombe too.

    Just follow the path down past the car repair shops opposite the pub. When you get to the bottom of the hill, cross the road and through the gate opposite. The signpost will tell you to bear left slightly, but I usually go straight ahead (aim for the big pylon) down to the river. The path follows an irrigation ditch with reeds/sedge and is a good place to find the odd warbler.

    Note, the start of the path by the G&D is occasionally popular with flytippers, so be warned! There’s also a recycling plant in the pit to the left of the footpath, so you’ll get a chance to practice your gull id skills! Just don’t breath in too deeply if the wind is blowing towards you!

  2. We visited here today for a couple of hours and managed to see over twenty species of birds, including two male and one female Marsh Harrier. Butterflies and insects were in abundance, as was the plant life.
    Our start was from the Pier and walked East.

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