Apr 302017

Party of swifts, Paul Yetman

With May upon us keep a look or listen out for the first swifts to arrive in your local area.   Particularly low flying parties that scream with joy as they arrive back at their traditional nesting sites.  Last year I observed the first ones had arrived back in my road on the 4th May.  This year with a low pressure system over the south-west the winds in the south-east are blowing from the continent so we may seen them a day or two earlier.

Let us know when you first notice them by adding a comment in reply to this post.


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  1. First swifts seen yesterday at Rainham marshes. They are here!

  2. We visited Northward Hill this evening for a walk with the wardens and spotted a pair ( also, several Nightingales and a Cuckoo singing )

  3. Having seen my first swift, and subsequently 100s more, during our visit to Stodmarsh on Saturday, I returned home to find them flying above the house, so my arrival date this year was 6 May.

  4. We spent a great day at Rainham Marshes yesterday, (Sunday 7th May). Numerous swifts, too many to count, a great sight. Today we spotted our first pair in Gravesend whilst driving along the Thames Way adjacent to Sayers Lake, between the Springhead Road roundabout and Ebbsfleet Gateway.

  5. Our first sighting from home was on Thursday 11 May, Echo Square area of Gravesend.

  6. They’ve arrived in Greenhithe today. Possibly sooner, but I only saw them today and I have been looking out for them.