May 222017

Full report to follow shortly, but I couldn’t resist posting these – especially Steve’s wonderful cuckoo shot.

Hobby by Steve C

Cuckoo by Steve C







Common Lizard

Round-leaved Sundew


One just for Malcolm . . . Oak Apple gall


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  1. Nice gall – an oak apple indeed. It’s “Oak Apple Day” next week on Monday 29th May.

  2. Some good photos there. What happens on ‘ Oak Apple Day’ ?

  3. All round to yours on Monday then Malcolm? Julie, Sue and I saw an oak apple at Beacon Wood on Tuesday – along with some currant galls. 😉

  4. Clearly none of you went to a Public School! Oak Apple Day has been around for centuries – associated with the Restoration, Charles 2nd and an oak tree (or something like that). At school if one is not wearing an oak sprig or oak gall in one’s lapel on Oak Apple Day then bigger boys beat up smaller boys (or something like that). It’s a great British tradition. To be fair I believe that some villages still celebrate Oak Apple Day – dancing etc.

  5. Enjoy the day folks 😉

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